Rahul Shukla,Founder Of Labsadvisor

June 30, 2016 Startuptalkies

"It’s not about how hard you can hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep coming back"

  • Healthcare diagnostics is unorganized and opaque. Customers have little knowledge of quality of labs, prices of different tests and convenience related features.

    LabsAdvisor plays the role of an honest intermediary through an online platform for quality diagnostic tests. It offers complete transparency in price comparison, guidance on quality using self-developed quality rating and convenience of home collection and online reports.

    Due to prevalent doctor referral system, LabsAdvisor is in a position to offer discounts of up to 50%, without compromising on quality of tests.

  • Widespread inefficiencies in healthcare diagnostics and a desire to get into a business with strong social impact motivated me. We are on a mission to increase transparency in healthcare diagnostics to offer relevant choices to customers.

    The most challenging part has been to completely understand the customer mindset and balance it with appropriate services. Strong customer focus, flexibility and willingness to learn have allowed us to overcome these challenges. We spent considerable time on the ground with customers and other stakeholders. We keep experimenting and remain open to failure but keep a close eye on the lessons in such experiences.

  • Success to me is realization of one's potential. I see life as a continuous learning journey, in which we keep growing through our experiences. Every individual is blessed with unique talents, capabilities and gifts. If we can identify those unique talents, put them to right use and contribute positively towards betterment of society and nation building, that will define success for me.

    I don't like to associate success to a specific milestone such as company revenue or profit numbers but to my ability to positively influence through this journey, every day.

  • We have raised angel round of funding for about Rs. 1.2 Crores from seasoned investment professionals and some friends working across the US, UK and India.
  • Our vision is to become one of the top five healthcare brands known as an honest intermediary for healthcare needs.

    My plans for next 3 years are to develop LabsAdvisor into a robust, profitable business and a respected brand in healthcare diagnostics with a national footprint. Subsequently, explore other related areas in healthcare where an honest intermediary can help customers.

  • Given the background of both founders in management consulting, we believe in ensuring professional growth of our employees while giving them a conducive environment.

    We empower employees to take responsibilities & risks sometimes, offer continuous feedback for improvement and keenly listen to their feedback and suggestions to create an open, collaborative environment that not only motivates success but also allows failures. This open, collaborative culture binds all employees and allows them to participate in this co-creation journey.

  • We are keen to offer complete transparency and convenience to people. We give them much lower prices, inform them about the quality offered by different diagnostic labs and offer expert consultation for them to understand their test results better. Incorrect diagnosis often leads to imperfect treatment and poor health.

    We also make their life easier by telling them about many convenience features such as home collection facility, online reports, availability of car parking & female radiologists.

  • India is going through interesting time as emergence of mobiles & internet has connected a large audience. This unprecedented change offers many opportunities to numerous long standing problems. We need to believe in ourselves and become an agent of change, make a positive contribution, even if it is in a small area.

    Perseverance, commitment and willingness to learn from mistakes are the most important qualities to succeed in the long run.

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