Fastest way to Acquire Customers


Building a product customers really want and marketing it to them are the most difficult parts of launching a startup. That's why we built Startuptalkies to help entrepreneurs like you show off their startup to our audience(end user) who are product enthusiasts and ready to use your product by providing you with valuable feedback.

For End User:

1. You can view latest trending startups/products/service across India in no time.
2. You can view startups from latest tech like fintech,virtual reality,healthtech and many more.
3. You can chat with any founder of a startup when you give 15 upvotes to the community.
4. Once the chat is initiated,help the founder/product owner by suggesting changes/improvements to the product.
5. It is advised that once you upvote any product,if possible do not downvote it as it will not help the founder. Upvote only when you like and want to improve the product.

For Product Owners:

1. You can easily exhibit your startup in front of all the end users. Avoid any cheesy description to your product.Getting featured on Startuptalkies is matter of answering few questions about your product.
2. Startuptalkies will help you get more connections/users to your product
3. When any user upvotes your startup,it means they have showed interest in it. You can initiate the chat with that user instantly even if that user doesnt have 15 upvotes.
4. Once initiated do send the discounts to the early users you get. That will motivate them to stay as your client for long term.
5. You can launch as many products/startups/versions you want to exhibit on startuptalkies and develop a subscription user base forever.There are no charges/fees as of now.
6.Expect around 10-100+ upvotes for your startup over period of time.

See you inside :)
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